Mohan Babu’s shocking student act

Posted : November 4, 2013 at 7:12 am IST by ManaTelugu

Whenever someone speaks about Mohan Babu the first reaction is that of fear. It is because Mohan Babu has built an image of strictness and tough discipline. So, whenever he is around all are in full attention and alertness leaving no chance of doing mistakes.Now, it is heard that he is doing something which has shocked all.

It is known news that Mohan Babu is producing a new film which is a multi-starrer. The film is the remake of the Bollywood hit ‘Welcome’ and unit members say he is following his schedule like a student. It is heard that Mohan Babu reports sharp at 8 am on the sets and whatever the directors say he does it.
The unit members also reveal though he is the producer Mohan Babu ensures that everyone in the film follow a strict code of discipline.It is also heard that once a film’s script is finalized and shooting begins, Mohan Babu will not interfere or suggest any changes. Irrespective of his experience, Mohan Babu goes about with his work like a student which impresses everyone.