Mohan Babu contest as independent

Posted : June 17, 2013 at 6:28 pm IST by ManaTelugu
What is left in store for actor Mohan Babu , when it comes to politics these days? Apparently our dialogue king may not be a central figure in the state politics, but sure he is going to create few flutters in cine fraternity with his political entry again.

Time and again, Mohan Babu is unable to come to conclusion whether he should continue with old horse Telugudesam or join hands with newly established YSR Congress. TDP is connected to him more emotionally, while YSR-C is now his family relative. If he chooses one now, definitely the other quarter will breathe fire on him. Maybe for this reason, Mohan Babu is also keeping quiet. Otherwise if he feels that people will hail him irrespective of the party flag, maybe Mohan Babu should contest as an independent and prove his mettle.

Like he says most of the time, �I believe in people�, Mohan Babu should win as a MLA or MP from Tirupathi and make his voice heard in assembly or parliament, if he is seriously concerned about welfare of people, say analysts and his fans too. Rather sticking to a party flag, this is best way to show mettle in politics. Let us see what he will do.