Mogali Rekulu Today’s Episode Story – 8th May

Posted : May 1, 2013 at 9:08 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Episode 1356 – May 8th story:


Rajani makes idly for Devi and takes it to her to feed. Paati seeing that says to Muniyamma that how much ever kids grow, they are always kids to mother. Rajani feeds idly to Devi.

Mahi worries at Sikandar bhai about leaving Imran in Dubai saying he doesn’t trust any relatives of Afzal and also if they might over dose Imran with medicines for being violent. Bhai says he will take of Imran by keeping him in his house as Imran likes him too. Mahi feels relieved about it and they go to Imran to ask. Imran too says he likes Bhai and agrees to stay with him. Bhai leaves to make arrangements for his stay.

Mahi calls Devi and asks how she is. Devi says she is at Selva’s home and making everyone pamper her. Imran talks to her saying Afzal cried a lot on seeing him and asked him to stay in Dubai only and he too agreed and Afzal also said he can talk and meet Munna bhai whenever he want. Devi too assures that she will talk with him daily and come to meet often. Imran feels happy and gives the phone to Mahi. Mahi says he will come the next day and Devi says she will be waiting and says she is missing Mahi. Mahi says he is missing too and hangs up.


Mahi pats Imran and hugs Bhai and says bye. Imran calls Mahi to hug him too and Mahi do and says bye to them and leaves. Bhai takes Imran inside.

Sindhu, Eshwar, Durga, Swathi keep checking the auditions for Mogali rekulu. None of them do well and finally Durga who loses patience, goes in front of the camera and starts giving audition. Sindhu and Eshwar laugh from inside and Durga come back to them saying he can act better than rest of them and asks him to give him hero chance. Sindhu agrees and says he can play the role of Dharma. Durga jumps upon hearing it.

They all come home and Durga runs inside and shares the news with Selva and Paati. Selva asks about RK’s role and Paati suggests asking Mahi to play it as he looks the same. Durga imitating Mahi’s mannerism of lifting collar says they already asked him but he said acting doesn’t suit him. Everyone laughs.

Selva recollects about Dharma.


Selva recollects Dharma’s dream that Selva killed the military officer but Dharma sees him as his father and then later Dr. Krishna analyzing Dharma’s dream as his conflict between good and bad and that the values he learnt from childhood of truth, mercy, honesty represents his father and now the path he is going ie., crime represents Selva and the vision of Selva killing his father means that bad is killing good and Dharma feels he is ethically killing his father by not living in the way he preached from childhood.

Durga keeps discussing with Eshwar about playing Dharma’s role saying he should first check Dharma’s pic to know about his appearance and he wishes there was a video to observe body language. Selva comes in and caresses Durga and asks him to understand Dharma and his character well coz only then he would be able to do justice to the role. Durga smiles and nods.

In Sindhu’s office, Swathi reads out the lyrics of Mogali rekulu title song and after she finishes, Sindhu, Durga and Eshwar jump out of joy and congratulate each other.

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Durga talking to the production team of Mogali rekulu
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