Modiism Vs Pawanism which is greater?

Posted : August 27, 2013 at 7:20 am IST by ManaTelugu

Now a days Telugu speaking people are hearing only two words Modiism and Pawanism. While Pawanism is know to all, Modiism is new found mania which is sweeping the country more recently.

The question is which of the two is greater and which one will last long. While Pawanism is tried and tested one and fans showed their unflinched love for Power Star Pawan Kalyan for over decades, Narendra Modi rose to fame and is viewed and regarded as future PM candidate.

While Pawan Kalyan was born with a silver spoon and made his entry into films quite easily,Modi on the other hand rose like a phoenix from a poor tea dweller. Pawanism is confined to Andhra Pradesh alone while Modiism is spreading its wings from Gujarat.

Both can make powerful impact on youth and if used positively can do wonders for the development of the country.