Minister Aruna’s double standards

Posted : October 20, 2012 at 10:12 am IST by ManaTelugu
AP State Information and Broadcasting Minister DK.Aruna was quick to react and ordered an inquiry on Cameraman Gangato Ramababu controversy. She even issued a press statement that the film makers have no right to hurt the feelings and sentiments of any region and telangana in particular. She duly constituted a committee headed by RV.Chandra Vadanan, MD of Film Development Corporation (FDC) who will view the film and give their report whether to agree for the release of the film after 12 cuts which film makers volunteered to make after attacks on the film or ban the film overall.
Many telanganaites hailed her prompt action. However many questions raise on her urgency on the issue and highlight the double standards. Couple of days back another film ‘Women in Brahmanism’ created lot of controversy and many demanded ban on the film as it depicted women, Brahmins in particular in bad taste showing them as prostitutes. Even when entire tollywood fraternity clamored for ban and even wrote a letter to FDC MD, no action has been taken till now.
This shows that only when people show their power damaging public or private properties, authorities will take action. Since Brahmins are meek and let go ever major issue, no action has been taken till now. Authorities and Minister should introspect what will be the consequences of their steps. Now they may even call for waiver of cases against attackers who damaged offices.