MIM’s secret game plan

Posted : November 12, 2012 at 5:48 am IST by ManaTelugu
MIM enjoys great influence in old city, a small part in Hyderabad but due to its muslim support no party or Govt dare to act against it, even though its representatives flout law and order. Now MIM is keeping Bhagyalakshmi temple controversy boiling for its own political gains though for more than hundreds of years, decorations for festivals has been going on at the place with out any disturbances.
It is a known fact that MIM is keen on having a truck with YS.Jagan’s YSRCP. However it is waiting for the right opportunity to strike at Cong. In the mean time it doesn’t want to lose the pleasures of power snapping ties long time back. Now that with only 1-1/2 years for elections, it wants to show who’s the boss. So it raked up this issue and now if its 6 MLAs withdraw support then, Cong Govt will be falling into minority. This will prove deathknell to the Govt.
That was the reason why CM Kiran is not acting against them even though their MLAs are spreading terror over trivial issue. It has to be seen how Cong tackle this issue with MIM in no mood to listen.