MIM Owaisi flexing his muscles

Posted : January 2, 2013 at 5:46 am IST by ManaTelugu
He knows how to fire shots and punches against opposition party leaders at right time and at right situation he is known other than the tiger Asad-uddin-owaisi the leader of AIM IM Party.In Hyderabad where muslims are largely populated areas his party has grown to a strong power,his party has opted out from withdrawing their support from both state and centre congress party,therby he is in a plan to make old city to a highest peak level by attracting the educated middle class minorities,on the other hand to withdraw his support to congress party he has used historical monument charminar as his Weapon,cuming to the point the bagyalakshmi temple which was constructed just to the right side of charminar,he argued that 30 years old temple has damaging the culture of 400 years old prestigious monument charminar culture,in this current situation by taking the temple issue he planned that  religious muslims will stand by his side.

Besides ruling Congress party the largest growing  upcoming ysr cong party to support this party he is playing a big game this is what the ruling congress party leaders saying,in gaining 4% minority reservation in state for minorities owaisi has played a major part in this regard he has aroused a very prominent person in party as well in muslim minorities,in muslim welfare budjet in 2004-05 it was 30 crores and now in the current year the budjet is 489 Crores,from lastly regained benefits from congress government to minorities he want to turn this situation to positively by rousing power in maharastra nanded few constituencies thereby increasing his respect to a much upper level in minorities.