MIM indulging in religious blackmailing

Posted : November 14, 2012 at 11:26 am IST by ManaTelugu
Asauddin Owaisi led MIM withdrew its support over Bhagyalakshmi temple decoration during diwali and while political analysts are busy with their number games even as Cong High Command trying to pacify MIM to reconsider its decision,furious BJP alleged that MIM is indulging in religious blackmailing. They said that MIM leaders’ talk of their withdrawing support due to Govt decision allowing tarpaline cover over the temple was just a line. They said Govt is just following high court orders and accused MIM and its leaders behaving like cruel rajakars spewing venom and inturn painting BJP and RSS as criminals.

They alleged that archeological department examined place and then high court  issued status quo orders and that too only after MIM corporator went to court on the issue. BJP leaders alleged blackmailing for MIM is nothing new and if any fanatic organisation exists in the country then it is MIM. They condemned Govt for arresting for arresting Kishan Reddy while allowing MIM leaders with criminal cases and those indulged in violence attacking media vehicle go scot free. They joked that it is immaterial whether inept Govt stays in power in AP  and even if it goes thanks to MIM, people won’t be losing anything.