Megastar’s ‘Love Signals’

Posted : October 14, 2012 at 11:24 am IST by ManaTelugu
People who are watching Mega Star Chiranjeevi started pitying him for the condition he is currently finding himself. He once ruled Tollywood unchallenged for decades and with the ambition to continue the same in political arena launched his Praja Rayam with much fanfare. But without a sound he quickly merged his party with Cong for the sake of power. Many warned during that time about Cong famous use and throw policy. However as they say love is blind, his love for power did not allow him to see ground realities.
For long there were reports that Chiru will be made Union Minister, Chief Minister etc but till now nothing happened. When ever there happened to be rumors about cabinet expansion, Chiru started looking expectantly but all his hopes seems to be crashing. Now he is being treated as a ordinary leader in Cong, and many say time is not far when he will treated as one of the cadre.
Chiru who is disillusioned is of the opinion that if he expresses his desire in public indirectly, then it would reach Cong High Command, started telling in public functions that people like him to see as Chief Minister or Cabinet Minister. When even that did not yield results, he started expressing himself directly saying he love to become cabinet minister, sending direct and indirect love signals. It has to be seen how Cong High Command and Sonia reciprocate to Chiru’s signals.