Megastar Power is smiliar to AP Power situation

Posted : October 5, 2012 at 6:17 am IST by ManaTelugu
Mega Star Chiranjeevi became laughing stock of himself after he entered political arena. For some time till the elections, he was given due respect as a leader of Praja Rajyam Party. However after he lost elections and when everyone started deserting him accusing of nepotism and favoritism, none showed any respect. When he decided to side with Cong party hailing Sonia and its leaders and merging his party even his fans started hating him. Though everyone hail him as a great actor, the same people criticize him for being a political novice and merging his party with Cong which is practicing anti people measures.
Though Chiru denied merging his party for posts and power, he was duly made RS MP and was expected to become Union Minister. However his dream is not yet fulfilled but however his party member C.Ramachandraiah became minister in CM Kiran cabinet. However even Rama Chandraiah made fun of Mega star Chiranjeevi saying just like Chiru doesn’t know when he will get power and cabinet post, AP state power situation is in the same manner with people unsure when power will be there. This is a huge insult to Chiru and one has to wait and see how Chiru will be responding. One can not expect him to respond as Chiru is busy attending some functions silently to fill his pockets.