Mega hero’s Donkey satire on whom?

Posted : March 14, 2014 at 3:46 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Mega hero Varun Tej seems to have courted fresh controversy. He shared a picture on his twitter wall, which raised many eyebrows. His timing of the share just a day before baabai Pawan announcing his political plans is something we should watch about.

Varun Tej shared a picture of the famous ‘couple and their donkey’ story-board that comments on present day society. Whether you use a donkey together, you don’t use it, or you give it to your wife, or you use it without your wife, people are going to take a dig at it. Of course, that is a known satire on the society, but with Varun Tej sharing it at this juncture is giving raise to doubts if he commented about Pawan’s political entry. Some read it that whatever way Pawan sets his political plans, society’s rhetoric will be critical only. And some analysts felt that Varun Tej commented on his own dad’s comment that he and mega fans will sail with Chiru only.

Reacting on all these analyses, Varun Tej quickly came up with clarity that he is not throwing satires at present political situation in Andhra Pradesh. But he has once again quipped about people saying that ‘netigens’ are behaving exactly the way that picture says again. What is your intention Varun? What are you trying to say?