Mega fans divided over Pawan’s entry?

Posted : March 7, 2014 at 7:00 pm IST by ManaTelugu

News about Pawan Kalyan’s political plans is reportedly not going well even with his diehard fans. Many of them don’t want Pawan to step into politics for obvious reasons. They don’t want Pawan who is currently in the peak of his career to shift his focus to some other things at this point.

Also there will be ‘divide’ between the mega fans if Pawan Kalyan takes this step. Chiranjeevi has loyal fan following and all of them support Pawan Kalyan too. If Pawan decides to part ways with his brother, then he will also risk losing many loyal mega fans. This might affect his movies too.

We have seen NTR’s films finding it tough in few areas as loyal Nandamuri fans are not happy with him ever since he stayed away from TDP. Same thing will repeat for Pawan Kalyan also. Although Pawan has his own fan base, his core strength comes from Chiru fans. They stood great support to Pawan Kalyan all these days and if Power Star decides to go against his brother, few might not lend their support anymore.