Mega Director Smitten By Sex Scenes

Posted : August 9, 2014 at 11:41 am IST by ManaTelugu


Setting his sight on romance and passionate love making, Mega director Sampath Nandi has once again come up with a contemporary theme. Forget Racha and Gabbar Singh 2, both being star studded movies, and look at what is our director’s real love. Indeed, he has an intriguing towards these bold scenes.

Sampath’s debut movie Yemaindi Ee Vela was termed slightly erotic because of the bold romance between Varun Sandesh and Nisha Agarwal. A girl taking slight advantage on the sheets and the couple heading for a passionate sex was shot aesthetically for that flick. Even now, Gaalipatam looks pretty same when it comes to love-making scenes and lip kisses, making us feel the tinge of Sampath Nandi. Since he provided story and dialogues for the movie, should we say that he is smitten by sex scenes?

Despite Tollywood being a celebrated tinsel town after Hindi cinema, we have low levels of reception for steamy romance scenes in main-stream flicks. Slightest ever eroticism is considered an unorthodox thing here. We have to see how people like Sampath Nandi who wants to be bold with their content get a long run.