Media hype may backfire on Babu ?

Posted : October 8, 2012 at 9:54 am IST by ManaTelugu
When NTR launched TDP, he was blessed with anti incumbency wave against ruling congress. Even print media hailed the entry of NTR into politics and Ramoji Rao’s Eenadu gave extensive coverage to his Chaitanaya Yatra which he under took during the election campaign. In a way media played an important role in TDP and NTR’s historical landslide victory.
From the beginning TDP is the only party which enjoyed the support of media thanks to Eenaadu. Most recently other political parties realized the importance of media and YSR launched Sakshi, which now turned YSRCP’s official media.CBN’s son Lokesh bought stakes in Studio N and now with Andhrajyothi supporting TDP’s cause fully to tackle its betenoire Jagan andYSRCP, TDP emerged powerful as media savvy political party.
However many including TSDP’s own cadre feel that extensive media hype on CBN and his current padayatra many backfire on Babu. They cite how media hype on Jagan’s corruption resulted in TDP getting wiped out in the byelections. Media is giving extensive coverage to each and every petty acts of Babu and most recently it covered a news item that he got a daily wage of Rs 1000 for one hour for working in a farm. TDP cadre feel that if media highlights in this manner, then everyone will think that people are betteroff in Cong rule. And even common man will curse Babu as how can he say people are getting Rs 1000 per hour as daily wages.