No match is over till last ball is bowled

Posted : September 26, 2013 at 7:00 am IST by ManaTelugu

CM Kiran Kumar Reddy came out openly in support of a united state by asserting that the central leadership should first address the concerns and problems of the people before moving forward to divide the state.

The Chief Minister mentioned numerous problems that would crop once the state was bifurcated and specifically mentioned about the status of Hyderabad. The people of all the three regions have a right over Hyderabad and no one particular region could claim its sole propriety on it, he observed and explained how people for generations had settled here and acquired a special attachment and sentiment for the city. “It is not mere sentiment, the people in Hyderabad are worried about their future. So it is very imperative that there should be a clarity on the status of Hyderabad. There was no point in going ahead to divide the state without resolving this important aspect”, he observed.

Furthermore he said that the water distribution could turn out a huger problem than it actually appears. With already strain with neighboring states the waters of Krishna and Godavari can never be shared equally if the state is divided and not united. He reminded that nowhere in the country has the water been distributed equally between two states so far.

Kiran said that it is important that we respect the thoughts and concerns of people than vote for the party’s agenda. He said about 6.5 lakh employees have come to the roads asking for justice on the state division and reminded that they are not taking even their salaries for the last two months. He stated that while parties have agenda the elected government whether it is at centre or state should remember they work in sync with people’s agenda or interests rather than against them and said that to him state’s interest comes first than political parties alliances. He said there will be relocation in lakh in case of division in both the T and SA regions. “Therefore the central government should take cognizance of the agitation in the region before moving forward to bifurcate the state”, he reiterated.

Finally, Kiran Kumara Reddy said “No match is over till last ball is bowled” keeping Andhra Pradesh thought alive.