Maruthi to bring out one more Vulgar film

Posted : February 4, 2014 at 7:28 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Maruthi is a popular car and famous for middle class people in past, but this completely changed after director Maruthi entered screen. Maruthi Tollywood director is very popular for his vulgar movies and now he even started sponsoring all vulgar  movies that are been released in film industry.

 Maruthi after his Eeerojullo movie shocked everyone but surprisingly people made that flick a hit which made him to stick to same plot of stories. Unlike other directors Maruthi is gathering too much negativity from his films as they portray women as just item stuff and they can just be used as a exposing doll.
As per latest sources “Special Class” a recent B-Grade cultured movie released posters as Maruthi cinemas production. Many are asking him to stop showing vulgarity in films and there is also a question for him from public that can your mom at least watch what you are directing on screen.