Manoj Turns Lady For Telugu Villain

Posted : September 10, 2013 at 7:52 am IST by ManaTelugu

Hero Manchu Manoj is known for his naughty talks and effervescent nature while interacting with friends. The energetic actor has shared the other day about the way he teased popular Telugu villain with his lady acts.


One fine day, it is heard that director Puri Jagan, hero Ravi Teja and Manchu Manoj have met at Puri’s office for a coffee. To fill the evening with fun and laughter, Manoj decided to call actor Subbaraju and give him a jhalak. It is heard that Manoj spoke to Subbaraju in a female tone and our villain was tricked into believing that he is actually talking to a girl. After an hour of talk, Subbaraju finally realized that he is in fact talking with a guy who altered his tone to talk like a girl. For one hour, Puri, Ravi and Manoj had some belly bursting laughs for fooling Subbaraju that way.


Manoj says that Subbaraju from that day is little worried to pick up calls, especially from females, as he can’t distinguish between real and unreal. Well, pranks are good as long as they don’t hurt anyone. We have to see how Subbaraju reacts about this.