Manoj controversial comments on Chiranjeevi

Posted : February 26, 2014 at 11:29 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Manchu family is not much related to Mega family, past of these family clashes is not so good and continuing that past Manchu manoj makes soily butroverisla tweets which relate to Mega family but he concludes them with a smart reply and tries to control situation.  

Here are tweets he said about Mega family yesterday.  I have question for all of us:) well How to become a top politician even after people rejecting ??? Pl answer practically 🙂 It doesn’t matter who … I’m just asking because I’m one among u who is confused with the way things r going … Can’t believe one politician from center playing with our life left right centre. 
All we r doing is sit and watch like its a tv program.. Ayooo I’m not talking about Chiru garu …Don’t imagine ur own script… Chiru garu was elected in tpt and he was not rejected.. Use brains Guys stop being insecure 😉 be positive and see good … It’s not about whom u r thinking … It’s just a question 🙂 A simple question got soo many insecurities outside … May god bless all the negative thinkers with loads of positive energy:) luv u all.