Manoharudu – Magnificent Feast On The Way

Posted : August 28, 2014 at 2:19 am IST by ManaTelugu


Director Shankar is a proven director with knack for extraordinary subjects, breathtaking visual effects and commercial artistry. And hero Vikram is not just terrific actor, but he goes to any extent to breathe life into character. Imagine what this combo could do if extensive Hollywood range graphics couple with them. It will guts and glory, producing the never before kind of output, catapulting Indian cinema into a phenomenal position.

‘Manoharudu’ first ever teaser features Vikram in four different roles including a slim and lean lover-boy role who romances lead lady Amy Jackson and another one is a 120 kg weighing body builder who looks powerful with a handle bar moustache. The rest two characters and their demeanor is going to blow your minds.

Vikram is portraying the role of gigantic ‘gorilla’, a Vikram who got thick black hair all over his body and two horns on his head. This ferocious creature is going to terrorize villains with its claws and teeth. And the fourth role pushes you into more shock. Our marvelous hero portrays the role of a crippled man, paralyzed from bottom to top and looks too weird to stare at. The teaser is all about these four characters and their action stunts, romance and looks.

Producer Ascar Ravichandran has showcased the 50 second teaser of ‘Manoharudu’ to a couple of media friends in Chennai. Since then, news about this teaser went viral and when those media houses shared what they have seen, it’s just euphoria everywhere. So, we have to wait for some more time for the video.