Manchu Vishnu To Rope Swetha Basu?

Posted : September 10, 2014 at 6:16 pm IST by ManaTelugu


After a Bollywood director has openly announced that he is keen to cast Swetha Basu Prasad once she steps out of rescue home in Hyderabad, seems like a Tollywood ace now wants to repeat the similar. That man with a big heart is none other than Manchu Vishnu, who like his father has this habit of helping the ones tangled into uneasy and complex situations.

Long back when Actor Suman was kept behind bars by Tamilnadu government under Goonda act, it is Mohan Babu who visited him at both jail and garlanded him after his release in order to give moral confidence. Even Vishnu is on the verge of doing similar thing as he wants to visit Swetha Basu at the rescue home, give her moral support, and then rope her as lead lady for his upcoming movie. Sources revealed that a fierce looking Vishnu is a soft person at heart and he can’t bear when someone innocent are getting mistreated.

If at all Swetha Basu gets that opportunity in Tollywood, undoubtedly that will be a biggest turning point and revival for her lost career. These days when rumors engulf an actress, film people are keeping her off as far as possible, but Vishnu is a different guy altogether. Let us wait for some official confirmation.