Manchu Beauty As ‘Munemma’

Posted : October 29, 2013 at 5:57 am IST by ManaTelugu

Here is a graphic rendering of how Manchu Lakshmi will look if at all she dons the lead role of the movie ‘Munemma’, which happens to be an epic story of a brave lady set in Rayalaseema backdrop during the era of jamindaars and feudal lords. After coming out with stunning performances in movies like Ananganaga O Dheerudu, Uh Kodatara and Gundello Godari, it seems like Manchu beauty is smitten by these vintage roles that require portraying more depth in emotions.

Artist’s visualisation of Lakshmi shows her draped in a saree like a typical village beauty who doesn’t wear blouse. Also those tattoos on her biceps and hands, and those thick ornaments all show her as a woman of character and dare to go against feudal lords. Munemma’s story is all about taking revenge on the killers of her husband, a simple plot, but needs a strong narrative to create huge impact.