Mahesh Babu Gave Life to Comedian

Posted : February 21, 2014 at 12:33 am IST by ManaTelugu

There are numerous circumstances when we have seen a particular story or script penned by a writer or director meant for one hero has finally reached some other hero to give him a life. Currently, here is one such case when comedian ali has openly admitted indirectly that none other than Mahesh Babu has given him a life of Hero. Going into the details, during the early days of SV Krishna Reddy’s directorial trials with ‘Yamaleela’ story, he approached Super Star Krishna for a narration. When Krishna liked the story, SV asked for the call sheets of Mahesh Babu.

Due to some difficult situation and Mahesh Babu being into his studies, Krishna kept the offer on hold for three years. Meanwhile, SV transferred the script to ali and all of the sudden sprouted a surprise before ali to become a hero. He was paid a remuneration of Rs.50, 000 for this film. Rest, we know how big hit was ‘Yamaleela’ and then ali got a new life as hero for nearly 50 films.