Maddy in love with sallu

Posted : March 25, 2013 at 9:14 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Hero Madhavan who is not busy in these days has come into picture again with his post in Twitter page. Coming into news Madhavan has a workout session with Salman Khan to convince himself that he is not all that super strong. Madhavan posted in his twitter as ,”All misconception of me being super strong and fit were laid to rest when I worked out with the one and only Salman Khan sir, his training was simple and super effective, but oh it killed me. Oh god, how strong is he, man? I was overwhelmed with gratitude and lactic acid”. 
He also said that he is a big fan of Salman Khan and he is willing to act with him if he gets chance. Already Madhavan shared the screen with one of the Khan’s in Bollywood that is Amir Khan in “3 Idots”, now he showing his wish to act with next khan. So wait and watch the response about his post on Twitter.