‘Power’ Length Is A Worry?

Posted : September 9, 2014 at 9:15 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Length of a movie is becoming a big worry these days. Slick editing and faster pace of movie is quintessential for biggies to score hits because dragged scenes are playing spoilsport. Recent cases of Anjaan and Rabhasa are best examples.

Despite having some decent moments, Surya’s Anjaan/Sikander failed to create an impact not just because of its cliched story line. The film was way too dragged as 2 hrs 41 mins of length looked too long for audiences to feel it. Even though producers trimmed around 20 minutes post release, hands have burnt by that time. Coming to Jr NTR’s Rabhasa, the movie is quite packed for that length of 2 hrs 30 mins as makers have chopped 15 minutes prior release. However, even that 2 hours 30 mins too looked tad excess. And now, Raviteja’s ‘Power’ got a length of 2 hours 27 minutes. Is this a worry or not?

Writer-director Bobby is quite sure that this length is perfect and there is no single scene or sequence that needs to be chopped to ramp the pace. Aiming for a September 12th release, he confirmed that there is need of trimming Raviteja’s ‘Power’ though length became worry in few past releases.