Lakshmi Manchu’s Take On Privacy

Posted : October 28, 2013 at 6:18 am IST by ManaTelugu

The privacy we are talking about is nothing but living alone independently away from family home. In Tollywood there are many star celebrities who are living independently far from their big celeb family, though they are still bachelors.

Coming straight to the point, beautiful lady Lakshmi Manchu lives alone at an independent house in Film Nagar close to Mohan Babu’s house. One may be in awe why this lady is living independently and maintaining that privacy from her parents, rather living at his father’s spacious residence. ‘There are many advantages for living alone’, says Lakshmi, ‘you learn a lot from living independently like this rather always getting backing from someone’.

Candidly, she admits other reasons which many young celebrities never share it with media though tthey have that in mind. ‘Every day you meet so many people, and constantly involve in many discussion. Once you come back home, there should not be people who say do this, don’t do that kind of stuff’, she said. ‘You should not get nagged, once you come back home’, stresses Lakshmi Manchu.

So, for people who want to pursue their dreams, live alone, stay in privacy, think independently and grow up in life, she is a quite example for sure.