Lakshmi Manchu’s lipstick on his lips

Posted : February 14, 2014 at 6:01 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Many celebrity couples like Mahesh-Namrata, Nagarjuna-Amala, Rajasekhar-Jeevita and Nandu-Geeta Madhuri are all love pairs that beautifully adore the nest of Tollywood. And here comes another star celebrity, who is out there to profess her love for her husband, who is her lover before they got married.

Sometime back, talented Lakshmi Manchu married her long time love Andy Srinivasan. Both the people are known for their doting affection for each other, and their high regard for other’s self esteem. To wish all others a happy lovers day, aka a Valentine’s Day, Lakshmi showed a perfect way through a picture.
A photo that shows the smear of Lakshmi’s lipstick on the lips of husband Andy Srinivasan tells how much she loves her husband. Well, it’s time for us to wish this lovely couple a happy Valentine ‘s Day.