Lagadapati Shifted His Business Ventures

Posted : October 17, 2013 at 9:48 am IST by ManaTelugu

The more Lagadapati Rajgopal advocates Samaikyandhra, the more he faces criticism from some Telangana based leaders that the Vijayawada MP is only trying to protect his multi-crore worth infrastructure in Hyderabad city. But they say that Lagadapati is now moving all of his assets to Vijayawada and Delhi, and Hyderabad is not his lunch box anymore.

Time and again, Lagadapati says that state will be united and assures that he will take political celibacy if at all Congress party splits the state of Andhra Pradesh. Irrespective of his promises and rants, high-command has decided to split AP and the process is already under way. TDP general secretary Anuradha has vent fumes at the Vijayawada MP for fooling people with his false show, and for trying to steal attention like a warrior for Seemandhra people. ‘When  Lagadapati is so confident about united-AP, why he is shifting his business ventures to other cities?’ asked Anuradha. Also she pointed out why Lagadapati is not able to make all Cong Seemandhra MPs resign.

Anyway, like Telangana leaders accused many times that some rich Andhra leaders are fighting for united-AP only for the cause of their businesses, those accusations will come true if Lagadapati really shifts his business ventures and state gets bifurcated. Let us see.