Lagadapati Behind Pawan’s Political Entry?

Posted : September 11, 2013 at 6:07 am IST by ManaTelugu

If the political situation in the state is quite unsure about its future, it is a big debate in political circles about the political entry of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Not just director Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets that sought Pawan’s entry into politics, but seems like there is a big trap behind the whole drama.

 From quite a few days RGV has taken up the campaign of promoting Pawan as political legend keeping the present dynamics of AP in view. But still there are doubts in which region Pawan should start party and what would be his stand on bifurcation, the main problem that is trembling Andhra politics at the moment. If we keep all these doubts aside, analysts confirm that Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal is provoking Pawan indirectly to take up politics.

Taking a cue from Lagadapati’s shocking comments the other day that few Seemandhra MPs are eyeing CM post if state divides, it can be easily assessed that Chirajneevi is one of those contenders. If someone wants to control Chiru’s political aspirations after state gets separated, then the best way is to pitch Pawan opposite him. They say Lagadapati is using his friend RGV to get this job done.

They say that if the demand for Pawan’s entry goes viral then Chiru will be re-checking his plans keeping the going craze of his little brother in mind. Else if Pawan comes into politics, then Chiru should either stand by his brother or should completely ditch Congress. That will throw Megastar into a big fix and Congress high command will ask him to control his brother first. So, either ways Chiru will get into trouble if Pawan is hooked to politics.

To finish up, political observers say that Pawan Kalyan should not enter politics if he wants to enjoy unending craze like Rajnikanth. Otherwise he will end up like his brother Chiranjeevi or hero Vijayakanth in Tamilnadu. But still, fans hope that Pawans entry into politics will show a new ray of hope for Telugu people.