L-Joke Misfired At Recent Audio Function

Posted : October 25, 2013 at 9:09 am IST by ManaTelugu

Audio functions in Tollywood are becoming laughing stocks these days as people attending the event fail to understand what the makers are saying and what are they actually doing. Here is an example.

That happens to be an audio function of the movie ‘Prema Ishq Kadal’ that happened the other day evening. Various joke-shows are organised by the makers to entertain the guests, and finally a team made fun of all non-Telugu heroines on stage. They imitated how those heroines don’t know language and still try to cash on glamour, and finally stated that all the heroines of ‘Prema Ishq Kadal’ are Telugu girls only. After having that proud moment of seeing Telugu native girls as heroines, everyone got doubts on this Linguistic-Joke.

Being a Telugu movie, the hero of this flick itself is a non-Telugu speaking guy named Harshavardhan Rane. So, what on earth will create a big difference if a non-Telugu girl is heroine, when hero is also an import, chirped many. First of all, acting got no boundaries and maybe we should broaden our thoughts.