KTR’s connection with NTR

Posted : December 22, 2012 at 8:36 am IST by ManaTelugu
Popular dalit leader Knhce Ilayya today revealed the connection between KCR son KTR and great leader and TDP founder NTR, former CM of Andhra Pradesh.
Kunche Ilayya showed his rage on TRS president KCR. KCR earned around fifty thousand crores using the sentiment of Telangana, claimed Ilayya. Under the leadership of JAC chairman Gajjala Kantam, there was a meeting held on social telanga in Kalinga bhavan on Thursday. In this meeting, Ilayya said “In order to get a seat in NTR’s party, KCR kept his son at the feet of NTR and named him after NTR as Taraka Rama Rao just to impress the party leader”. He continued “In Telangana, the names usually could be mallayya, ellayya but how come KTR got that name as Taraka Rama Rao, named by his father KCR”.
The way KCR responded to the comments “The deaths of Telanga students were just gone waste, instead KCR killing himself would help Telangana a lot” by BC leader Konda Surekha is so unfair. It shows the feudalisitic character of KCR, Ilayya remarked.