Kotha Janta Movie Review – 2/5

Posted : May 2, 2014 at 1:04 am IST by ManaTelugu

kotha-janta-telugu-movie-review-ratingRating : 2/5

Cast : Allu Sirish,Regina Cassandra

Directed By : Maruthi

Music By : JB

Produced By : Bunny Vasu

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Kotha Janta Review


Sirish (Allu Sirish) and Suvarna (Regina) are two selfish individuals who work for a TV Channel. Though Sirish is surrounded by friends,he is a guy who is self centered and has aspirations to make big money. Though miser enough, Suvarna cares about the people around her. Ramesh (Rao Ramesh), the TV Channel head identifies the talents of these two and makes them into one team to work on making the channel more popular.

In the interim, Sirish gets another lucrative offer from a business man (Posani Krishna Murali) who plans to start another TV Channel but on the condition that he should come along as a team with Suvarna. When Suvarna doesn’t agree to come along with him, Sirish fakes his love towards Suvarna. What problems does Sirish get into because of his fake love and hoes does it affect their careers forms the remaining story.

Star performance:

Allu Sirish – There is absolutely no improvement in terms of expressions compared to his first film. Some important scenes lose its impact thanks to his lack of expressions. Once again the voice comes to the rescue and that is the most positive that can be said about him right now.

Regina Cassandra – She fitted perfectly for the role and her expressions were flawless. She excelled as a cheerful and lively TV anchor in the first half and did equally well in a role filled with emotions in second half. She is a genuine talent and can perform even better in more challenging roles.

Saptagiri –  This guy is growing as a comedian with each film. He looks natural and completely at ease in his role in this film. He was used well to generate humor in the first half but was wasted in the second half.

Posani Krishna Murali – Aanother typical role for him, he partly entertains.

Rohini –  She did a short character of Hero’s mother, her presence forms the main catalyst towards the end of the movie

Technical Team:

Director Maruthi –  This time he tries a subject with clean fun and contains high drama quotient. This change has clearly shown an effect in his pacing which is weak here compared to his previous films. The film is hilarious during the comedy sequences but gets extremely tacky and slow during the emotional scenes or sequences related to the core story of the film.

Music Director JB –  Music is one of the plus points of the film.”Osi Prema Rakshasi” was shot beautifully in the movie along with “Charminar Galli”. ”Gundello” is one of the best songs in the movie. It was great to see JB using the snippets of “Arere” as the background music in the second half. No Doubt he’ll join in top telugu music composer list very soon.

Cinematography – Cinematography by Richard Prasad is the highlight of the movie. The entire look, color and locations of the film are bright and lively, making the movie look pleasing to eyes.

Editing – Editing by Ashok Kuruba is good and

Dialogues – Dialogues were well written with no double meanings.

Production Values are good

What is Good?

  • Saptagiri Comedy
  • Regina Performance
  • Cinematography
  • Few Songs

What is Bad?

  • Screenplay
  • Allu Sirish Performance in emotional scenes
  • Slow Narration in some Scenes


On the whole the movie is not bad and at the same time it is also not bad. But it is a simple time pass kind of film for some good comedy here and there. Watch it if you have nothing to do in your weekend!