Koratala On Toes To Pen For Mahesh

Posted : August 11, 2014 at 4:50 am IST by ManaTelugu


Believe it or not, punch-dialogues are essential ingredients for any commercial entertainer to click big time. But Mahesh Babu’s blitzkrieg on such dialogues in ‘Aaagadu’ left many one stunning. Though he took a satirical punch on punch dialogues, many writers feel that Mahesh got aversion towards such one-liners.

If at all Mahesh’s target is punch-dialogues, then what will Koratala Siva pen for their upcoming flick? Post Aagadu, Mahesh will team up with Koratala for a mass-masala entertainer that will on formulaic lines. Being a writer famous for his dialogues, he has to stand on toes know to write something that doesn’t hold rhyming and punches, but still stands out in the crowd. Our Mirchi director will be at cross-roads if he has to come up with such punch-less dialogues for Mahesh.

But if Aagadu one-liners are just part of the character being played by Mahesh, then Koratala will have plenty of space to play his game. Hope Aagadu dialogues are written only for Enoucnter Specialist Shankar, Mahesh’s role in the movie, but not according to Mahesh’s likes and dislikes on punch dialogues. Dot.