Konda Surekha couple re-join Congress @Delhi

Posted : September 4, 2013 at 6:41 am IST by ManaTelugu

The Konda Surekha couple, the  one time close associates of  YSR , have now turned their back on Jagan and YSRC after the party  chose to firmly expound its   United  Andhra plank  is  back in Congress .She joined the Congress party along with her husband Konda Muralo  at  Delhi in the presence of  CM Kiran and the AICc general secretary in charge of  AP-Digvijay Singh . A former Congress MLA  from Telagnana  KK Mahender Reddy who had also joined  YSRC  also accimpanied them  back into the party .

Konda Surekha had  been bitter  ever since  the YSRC had  stuck to its  Samaikhyandra  policy  and there by abandoned all its supporters in Telagnana .Surekha and four other congress MLAs had joined the  YSRC .Surekha had given  a big fight in the Parkala bye elections  against the TRS candidate  but  the  YSRC leadership had   chosen to ignore  her sacrifice and contriuition .

Konda Surekha had written a  long letter to Jagan  before she quit from the YSRC listing her  chaerges on Jagan and  YSRC that it  had cheated the people of Telagnana and also that she had trusted the party leadership and hoped for revival of YSRism in the state even after his death, in the leadership of  Jagan and had been badly disappointed .