Kona Venkat angry on Baadshah

Posted : March 29, 2013 at 3:50 pm IST by ManaTelugu
It is an open secret to everyone that writer Kona Venkat is the co-writer of the much hyped action entertainer from NTR�s upcoming film �Baadshah� where he has written some powerful dialogues for this film. Now, the news is that Kona Venkat is busy with his social networking site twitter showing frustration on the publicity posters designed for �Baadshah� with his name missing on the posters.
When fans starting enquiring him why his name was not there he bashed in twitter that it was designer and stated that it would be rectified by tomorrow. He reportedly shared his anguish with Gopi Mohan as he could have easily found Kona�s name not appearing in the list. 
After a brief bedlam, he has put a quite quip in twitter that all posters from here on will have his name as well and there is no need for any speculations. So, we can see the new posters with Kona�s name by Tomorrow!