‘Kolaveri Di’ Thoughts Of Pawan Fans

Posted : August 13, 2013 at 7:05 am IST by ManaTelugu

The sensation created by Danush’s ‘Kolaveri Di’ is known worldwide and no other song except Gangnam Style has won such a fever ever since. But it looks like Pawan Kalyan’s fans are now expecting one such feat to happen.

Attarintiki Daredi was put on hold from a release due to the tense situations prevailing in AP because of bifurcation. But the excitement of Powerstar’s fans is not on hold as they are enjoying many surprising treats given by Pawan. One such feat is the ‘Katam Rayuda’ folk song, sung by Pawan and the making video of that song is really amazing. After looking at it for zillion times, Mega fans are saying that this song could become another ‘Kolaveri Di’ in India, and world. Even after a couple of weeks after release, Katam Rayuda is still counting thousands of hits everyday on Youtube. Maybe this will soon reach a peak bringing the dreams of fans come true.

Cine observers anyway felt that Kolaveri Di and Katam Rayudu are completely different outputs, in which Pawan’s song is a bit on the tough side. ‘While Kolaveri Di is simply and could be sung by all, Pawan’s feat is a tough one for common people to sing and hop. That’s makes its reach smaller’, an observer said.