Kodandaram-Politician more, Professor less

Posted : September 27, 2012 at 12:50 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Name of Kodandaram is well known in Andhra Pradesh and even in rest of India for those who are following telangana moment closely. People may adore or loathe him for best reasons known for them and while he is the God in Telangana region, He is Devil in Seemandhra region. What ever many be the reason many appreciate him for fighting for the cause he believes without fearing for the consequences.
However one wonder what lessons he is teaching his students as professor by issuing provocative statements instigating violence. Many question how come Kodandaram being in noble profession as teaching support and give call for violent protests. Many feel he is politician more and professor less and even comment that he is spending more time in political arena rubbing shoulders with KCR and politicians from various parties, ignoring his responsibilities are professor.
Many economists and business class were baffled when he demands jobs only for telangana people in their companies for their continuance in Hyd. They question being a professor he would be very well aware that all white collar jobs will be on merit and written exams and there wont be any favoritism and nepotism. In blue collar jobs recommendation works to some extent but even there it will boil down to performance in the end.
They say going by their logic that seemandhra or other region people are eating away their jobs working in Hyderabad, telangana students shouldn’t seek jobs else where across the world as they are eating away the opportunities of locales in those regions. Wonder what response KCR and his Co has for this counter.