Kodandaram fail to keep his promise

Posted : October 1, 2012 at 8:07 am IST by ManaTelugu
Prof Kodandaram who Govt for his proposed telananga march on Sep 30th couldn’t get the required permission. He emerged successful only after he used the influence of telangana ministers in CM Kiran Kumar Reddy’s cabinet and after he gave an undertaking to the govt that the protests would be peaceful and he will end the protests by evening 7PM.

However Kodandaram failed to keep his promise as even before the start of the so called peaceful march, his supporters torched newly constructed toll gate. Even on the day of protests yesterday his supporters went on rampage in and around necklace road and imax theater and looted, damaged and burnt furniture. To the top of it as if an achievement they broke the furniture and torched necklace road railway station. They even burnt media vehicles.

Kodandaram just ended the issue by tendering mere apology to media. If this is not enough he turned adamant when he should end the protests and instead said he won’t be leaving the place till central govt comes out with some announcement on Telangana by midnight. He enacted a huge drama increasing the tensions and just like a wily politician who derives his political mileage from the protests he called off his protest at midnight.
Kodandaram showed his true colors by prostrating in front of all and sundry for permission and then turn adamant by defying law. Losses incurred to public property should be recovered from Kodandaram and other organizers.