Kodandaram bring laurels to his ‘Name’

Posted : October 2, 2012 at 6:49 am IST by ManaTelugu
Many might have underestimated the strength and organizing capabilities of Prof Kodandaram. However even when everyone and his right hand KCR deserted him, Kodandaram mobolised huge amount of people to stun all and bought laurels to his’Name’. True to his name and just like Lord Rama who is also known as ‘Kodandaram’ who mobolisied army of monkeys and successfully motivated them to build bridge over ocean from Rameswaram, TN to Srilanka to kill Demon King Ravana, our Kodandaram mobolised people of telangana and created a necklace of people across necklace road. This shows his true strength and even his great detractors cannot but sing praises over his abilities.
When difference came out in open between KCR chief architect of Telanagana and TRS party and Kodandaram, many wrote him off completely. Political analysts felt that with out the fire power of TRS and KCR it would be difficult for Kodandaram and his TJAC to sustain in the long run. However they showed their strength in recent byelections and now by successfully organizing T-March even when KCR stayed away from march cooling his heels in national capital Delhi. It is a great achievement for apolitical person like Kodandaram to get so many people for the march.