KK’s final love letter

Posted : November 12, 2012 at 6:39 am IST by ManaTelugu
Cong Core Committee member and Telangana Congress MPs Forum President K.Keshava Rao more popularly known as KK yesterday said that he will be sending his final love letter to Sonia Gandhi on Telangana based on her response to his love letter on telangana, he will be deciding his future course of action.
KK and his telangana forum is known to issue many threats and then going back on their dead lines so many believe that this is also one such kind of threat. However KK is at pains explaining and assuring doubt mongers that this time they will not shy away from taking drastic action that will send shock waves to Sonia led Cong high command if favorable response do not come in their favor.
He even sang praises of his rival KCR and his party TRS hailing his decision to merge his party with Cong in case of formation of telangana. He termed it as a great sacrifice and requested KCR to bring all the forces that are fighting for the cause of telangana into one single platform and launch a strong attack on center. He said if the forum has 16 MP seats and 90 assembly seats in their hands after next elections, then telangana can be achieved easily.