KK’s duet with KCR

Posted : November 22, 2012 at 1:35 pm IST by ManaTelugu

K.Keshava Rao, also popularly known as KK is the senior most leader in Cong who even enjoyed CWC posts. However his posturing over past few years has been showing dissent against his own party.Ever since telangana state formation fight arose, KK started opposing Cong High Command many times. Though Cong sidelined many times he did not back track. Many feel he is hobnobbing with Cong rival party TRS working against the interests of the party.

KK couple of days back met TRS chief KCR and speaking to media said if Cong doesn’t announce any favorable decision on telangana then he will side with the people and fight for the formation of the state. Many analysts feel that since Cong situation is bad in the state, KK along with few more in the party are getting ready to join TRS for the next elections. However KK denied all those allegations and said no one will be dieserting the party form separate front to fight for the cause of telangana.

Many are wondering whether this front will get any desired results. Already T Cong representatives have lost peoples confidence with their statements one in delhi and another in telangana.