Kiran succeed in cutting Chiru.

Posted : May 12, 2013 at 1:13 am IST by ManaTelugu

Reports are flying around in political circles that the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is getting the CID dig a land scam in which the union minister Chiranjeevi was involved, as he was irritated by the over enthusiasm of his followers who started stating he was the right fit for the Chief Minister’s post.

According to information, CID officials raided the office of the Jubilee Hills Housing Society on Wednesday and seized some key records pertaining to Chiranjeevi.

There have been reports that there were irregularities in the allocation of house sites in 1998 by the housing society. Some media reports said that the society organizers had not only distributed house sites to some unqualified persons, but also sold off the parking slots as house sites. Responding to the reports the government appointed Dinesh Reddy who was then DG of Vigilance and Enforcement wing to investigate the matter. He investigated the matter and submitted a report to the government. However the government took no action because of the alleged intervention of some influential persons.

After so many years, the files were taken out by the CID department and raids were urgently conducted.

Chirnjeevi got sites for his house and his blood bank and eye donation centre in the same area. Earlier reports said Chiranjeevi had also annexed some land illegally, apart from what was allotted to him by the government. There were also charges that he used his influence and got two plots to someone related to C V Rao of the Image Hospitals. It is now learnt that the raids conducted on Wednesday mainly focused on the lands of Chiranjeevi and of others who got lands with his influence. It is being said that it was all done at the behest of the Chief Minister.

It may be recalled that earlier when there were focused raids on liquor syndicates, it was said the Chief Minister organized them to cut the overenthusiastic Botsa Satyanarayana to size. This happened at a time when Botsa was seriously trying to become the Chief Minister, pushing Kiran aside.

Recently former minister Sankar Rao who was frequently making charges against the Chief Minister got stuck in a land scam and is now facing criminal charges. This is also a silent move of the Chief Minister to keep Chiranjeevi under control, say political sources.

It may be recalled that C Ramachandraiah, ardent follower of Chiranjeevi from his PRP days has been frequently stating that Chiranjeevi was better suited than anyone else to sit in the Chief Minister’s post. This has irritated Kiran, said reports. It is noteworthy that suddenly Chiranjeevis sang paeans to Kiran during his visit to Kakinada on Saturday. He even said it would be under Kiran’s leadership that Congress would win the 2014 elections.

So did Kiran already succeed in cutting Chiru to size?