Kiran misfit as CM ?

Posted : August 9, 2013 at 11:35 am IST by ManaTelugu

TRS chief   K Chandrasekhar Rao  today blasted the CM Kiran Kumar Reddy  for being  anti-Telangana   by  signing  Seemandhra lobby letter to Sonia Gandhi. ‘ He is very uncouth and a wrong example for a politician. He should have stuck to his old game of cricket ,But it seems he had failed there too, KCR said during an informal chat with reporters at  Telangana Bhavan this afternoon .

How can  CM Kiran  sign  for  Samaikhyandra  lobby , questioned  TRS President  when he is the CM of  AP  he is  expected to take care of the interests of all the regions and  how can Kiran  sign in favor of Seemandhra  MLAs, MPs  etc ?, he asked . Making a total u turn from his last statement on Andhra  employees and  approach to Seemandhra people, KCR said we want  everyone to live in Hyderabad, then only we get more service tax

Accusing  CM  Kiran of many lapses, he said  all the statistics  rolled out  by the  CM yesterday  were all false and exaggerated  and no relevance ground realities. ‘83,000 employees of Seemandhra have already been identified by several committees since 1995 and scheduled to leave Telangana in a phased ‘. But we don’t want  Andhra employees to go unless it is essential and if they are encroaching into jobs of locals’ he assured.

There were only few thousand advocates in Hyderabad and not  35,000 as claimed by CM. About power shortage for Telangana, KCR said we will borrow from Chhattisgarh. On water sharing said those issues will be amicably solved. ‘After all we are neighbors, we cannot fight forever, isn’t it?’