Kiran ignores Sonia Samadhis?

Posted : October 21, 2013 at 7:44 am IST by ManaTelugu

There is a very strong organizational culture and loyalty in Congress such that if anyone tells or does anything against Sonia Gandhi, then all Congress men will come one after the other shouting at roof tops in favour of slogans for their beloved leader.

That too, when it involves a person who has been cherry picked to lead the party in a state like Andhra Pradesh. CM Kiran was expected to be a lifelong loyalist and at the same time he was also doing the same. But all this changed after July 30th statement on Telangana.

Last week in Kiran’s home town of Chittoor district, there were graves being dug left right and centre for Sonia. The TDP and Congress leaders are engaged in war of words but Kiran hasn’t uttered a single word till now in support of Sonia! How long this battle will last and who will win is the big question.