King of Telugu Cinema Industry!

Posted : September 30, 2014 at 8:57 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Who is the most reliable actor in Telugu Film industry at this moment? Brahmanandam is inarguable ruler of Tollywood now. Not even superstars films are complete without him. Brahmi could save mediocre films from tanking at the Box office. He can make average films into blockbusters if he is given a hilarious role to play.

We have been seeing him for almost three decades, but Brahmi is still entertaining us with his inimitable comedic timing and performance. Brahmanandam is an ocean of talent and it is directors/writers fault to not to make use of him. He has played vital role in the success of films like Race Gurram and Geetanjali this year. Recently released Loukyam also has the best moments of Brahmi.

Almost all the big hits in the recent past have Brahmanandam in a pivotal role. With his ever growing popularity, Brahmanandam’s pay check has doubled as per the buzz. He is the highest paid comedian/character actor in Telugu cinema industry at the moment. Despite working two shifts a day, Brahmi is still unable to take up all the offers due to busy schedules. Producers are willing to pay him thrice the market price as he could take any film to the next level.