Khushboo’s controversy with saree

Posted : December 15, 2012 at 8:41 am IST by ManaTelugu
The outfits of cinema actors have been creating controversy since time immemorial. This time, it is a heroine’s saree which has got embroiled in a controversy and the heroine is none other than Khushbu. This female actor has had controversies associated with her right from the beginning of her career in
Tollywood. Earlier also, she had hit the headline with respect to her statement on there being nothing wrong with having pre-marital sex. She was even dragged to the corridors of the court for this statement for hurting the sentiments of the people. But the court gave the judgement in her favour.

Now , the controversy is about a saree which she was wearing at a public function. She wore a designer saree with the image of God Hanuman printed on it. This has offended the sentiments of the public and most importantly that of the religious organizations. The Hindu Makkal Katchi and other religious
organizations have accused Khushbu that by wearing such a saree she has disrespected the Hindu beliefs for the second time and they also claimed that this is not pardonable. In a previous occasion, in 2007, she had been caught in a similar controversy for disrespecting Goddess Lakshmi and hurting the Hindu

However, this time Khushbu has reportedly said that she chooses to ignore this issue and doesnot want to give unnecessary publicity.