Khairatabad Laddu thrown into Lake!

Posted : September 21, 2013 at 7:59 am IST by ManaTelugu

Well, this is sad but true. The very famous Khairatabad Ganesh’s Laddu prasad was thrown into Hussain Sagar Lake on Friday leaving thousands of devotees, who lined up for the prasad at Khairatabad Ganesh pandal, in disappointment. The reason: Laddu got spoiled due to incessant rains. Unlike Balapur Laddu, Khairatabad Laddu will not be auctioned and distributed directly to the devotees.

Failing to continue the trend this year, the organizers had dumped the 4000-kg laddu which costs around Rs 12 Lakh into the Sagar as Laddu had been spoiled. The officials from health department, who tested the Laddu, confirmed that it is unfit to be eaten due to a fungal growth on it. However, the makers of Laddu who made it in Taapeswaram were quick to throw the blame on organizers stating that they “failed” to take “necessary precautionary” measures. Passing the buck, Pollisetti Mallibabu, Laddu maker, said that he had alerted the organizers in before but he alleged that they didn’t heed to his alerts.

Meanwhile, even the whole situation has invited a flak from environmentalists for throwing 4000-kg Laddu into the lake. Hope, the organizers and makers will hereafter be cautious from next year on wards at least.