KCR’s Telangana Kahaanis

Posted : October 8, 2012 at 9:58 am IST by ManaTelugu
Contrary to the general impression that KCR will hang his head in shame by the way he was insulted in Delhi, he still started saying his own famous kahaanis on telangana. KCR is known for kahaanis like center would come out with an announcement in a month’s time, telangana is on the anvil, TRS will merge after the formation of telangana, he is receiving signals on telangana etc. Even recently while there was no movement on Telangana at Center and Union Govt did not even utter a single word, KCR started boasting about signals. When media questioned him where were the signals and when some even wrote articles about 
KCR’s signals, he became furious and went hammer and tongs on media.
He spent a month in Delhi meeting many top Cong leaders and when he started giving statements that he was in Delhi on the invitation of Sonia Gandhi and Cong high command, Cong prominent leaders ripped him apart that no one invited him for any talks and he came on his own. Even after such insults and returning back from Delhi empty handed with blatant damage to his reputation, KCR started telling the same Kahaanis.
He says telangana announcement will come during Dasara and center will be giving dasara present to all telangana people by announcing formation of Telangana state. One wonder for howlong KCR can think of fooling people.