KCR vows to demolish Metro rail!

Posted : November 5, 2013 at 7:44 am IST by ManaTelugu

At a time when Telangana is appearing certain and with comments that TRS wants to lead the new state in its reconstruction, it is expected that a leader would try to be a visionary inspite of political differences.

It looks as if TRS has a long way to go in terms of this aspect and in a latest series of latest accusations, TRS chief KCR said that Hyderabad Metro has become more of a real estate project and accused the engineering major L&T of being hand in glove with CM Kiran and benefiting him to the tune of hundreds of crores.
The allegation part regarding CM Kiran is ok in terms of political comments, but KCR reportedly has gone to the extent of saying that in case Telangana becomes a reality then TRS party will destroy the metro rail being built. The party should introspect whether it intends to even rule Hyderabad, a cosmopolitan city with such an agenda!