KCR to fire T-Movement

Posted : October 31, 2012 at 6:27 am IST by ManaTelugu
KCR the architect of telangana movement has been calm for quite sometime nurturing hope against hope that Cong and his Goddess Sonia would grant him the boon of Telangana state formation. He waited for her darshan in Delhi for more than 20days and when nothing happened, he returned back as a disappointed lot. This entire development left his party TRS, leaders and cadre searching for answers as opposition fired them with questions as to why their leader KCR been sitting calm when nothing was happening at Center. They even accused him of selling Telangana for Power and other monetary benefits and personal gains.
KCR did not open his mouth for quite some time but now with Chandra Babu on padayatra in telangana and is getting huge response and Sharmila waiting in wings to enter telangana, KCR is getting ready to fire telananga movement once again. He is meeting all his party leaders, TJAC, NGOs to chalk out his strategy so that it will have deadly impact in state and sound deadknell to Cong High Command at center.
It has to be seen how successful KCR will be in his attempts as there are lot of differences in various organizations fighting for the cause of telangana.