KCR-Surekha’s suicide war

Posted : December 19, 2012 at 10:04 am IST by ManaTelugu
The war of words between TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao and the YSR Congress leader Konda Surekha is going strong. This war of words was initiated when Konda Surekha had stated that only when all the family members of KCR committed suicide will Telangana be formed. To this, KCR replied that if anyone,then it was Surekha who should support Telangana and put an end to her life for the cause.

Surekha is quite unapologetic about this statement and has refused to withdraw any remarks made against KCR. Adding on to the ongoing war, Surekha has accepted the challenge of KCR that she will end her life for the sake of creation of Telangana by committing suicide. But she has kept a condition that KCR should also be prepared to commit suicide with her. Speaking to the media at Warrangal, Surekha informed that they should commit suicide before the all-party meeting is held at Delhi. She also announced that the commission of suicide will happen at Sonia Gandhi’s official residence at 10 Janpath. She also revealed her reason for the venue that she has chosen and that is Sonia Gandhi might announce the Telangana state if she is frightened with these suicides. She also said that she is ready to go to Delhi with KCR whenever KCR decides to go and also asked him to fix the date for the day when they would commit suicide.

She also accused KCR of cashing on the suicides of about 800 students and youngsters who gave up their lives for Telangana, adding that it was because of KCR ad TRS that all these youngsters lost their lives.